Sound therapy

Did you know that your own singing voice can be a powerful therapeutic tool?

Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, gaining control and connecting with your voice can help you work through emotional transformation.

Take a holistic approach which treats your voice as an integral part of yourself.

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The main focus of these sessions is finding and accepting your own voice.

As the voice is more than your vocal folds alone, therefore it is approached as holistically as possible.  

Combining insights and techniques based on scientific research as well as voice work already practiced.  From stimulations from Lichtenberger (also know as sound-related singing), over exercises from Linklater (freeing the natural voice), to classical singing techniques, as well as my own practice.

We work with what is readily available to us: our own body and voice. 

Starting from a level of relaxation, and then, through breathing, making sounds that travel through different parts of the body.