Singing for breathing (long Covid)

Have you suffered from Covid-19 and are still feeling breathless?

Do you want to learn to breath more efficiently, with less pain, and less muscular tension?

This project may be for you.

Currently we only run sessions in Flemish. 

If you would like to organise sessions in English, do get in touch.

If you are ok in Flemish, you are more than welcome to join us in the sessions (I'm happy to translate specific words if you don't know something).

If you are a singing teacher who would love to work with Long Covid sufferers, do get in touch.  

The project includes: 

  • 4 sessions of 1 hour
  • online through ZOOM
  • groups of 4 to 12 people 

What we do in those sessions: 

  • warming-up  
  • practical exercises to help improve your alignment and breathing 
  • singing songs 
  • possibility to exchange experiences with your peers in a safe and supporting environment