Looking after your voice

Looking after your voice

We all take our voice for granted.  It's always been there doing its thing, right?

But what if

  • you are troubled by periods of hoarseness
  • your voice seems to drop off from time to time
  • you can't talk as loud as before
  • you can't be understood
  • your voice tires quickly
  • ...

This has a massive impact on how people perceive you and how comfortable you feel.  When you need to talk a lot, it's important that your voice is reliable.  Learning to look after your voice, can help solve many discomforts.

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Online workshops (ZOOM):

Help, I have a cold!

How do you look after your voice during the

winter?  What happens with your voice when

you have a cold, and can you minimise the effects?  

Can you boost your immunity and what helps to reduce the impact?

Learn more about this in this webinar.

Working online - how to look after your voice

Does your voice have Zoom-fatigue?

Working online requires specific considerations

if you want to avoid your voice being exhausted at the end of the day.

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